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Cisco training is quickly becoming some of the most valuable training in the IT field. Networks are evolving into a complex array of devices and systems, and Cisco technologies are positioned to streamline and protect the integrity of networks.

As an authorised provider of Cisco courses in London, New Horizons’ training will help you maximize your investment in Cisco technologies.

New Horizons has been recognised time and again as a trusted provider of Cisco training courses in London. We offer CCENT, CCNA and CCNP training and certification from our flagship learning centres in Stratford and Barbican (London), catering to students with varying levels of expertise and experience with Cisco.

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Cisco IT Training London

CompTIA Training and Certification at New Horizons London | Be In The Know


New Horizons London is proud to offer CompTIA training and courses, whether you want to prepare for certifications or advance your skills. As an internationally-recognized name, CompTIA is the foremost association offering specialised certification programmes in PC maintenance and network security and technologies. CompTIA has developed specialized certification programs which assure employers of a candidate’s basic technology skills.

As an authorized provider of CompTIA A+ training, we can train professionals within the technology industry to ensure they have practical skills to suit various roles. Whether you are looking to pursue a career in IT, or are keen to demonstrate your basic knowledge with a certificate, our CompTIA A+ course in London will give the results you need. At New Horizons, we offer a broad selection of comprehensive courses, all of which are focused on specific areas of IT.

New Horizons is dedicated to providing unparalleled IT training in London, and our extensive range of CompTIA courses has already helped people like you get to where they want to be.

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A Training Revolution | Online Learning LIVE from New Horizons


For the last 30+ years, New Horizons has built itself on a foundation of innovation when it comes to delivering IT training around the world, and there’s no better example of this principle than Online Learning LIVE (OLL).

Like our traditional classroom learning, OLL is a self-contained learning model that allows students and delegates to participate in a fully interactive virtual classroom, complete with live instructors, hands-on labs, and access to the full course curriculum - and the best part…you can participate from any remote location from anywhere in the world.

Some of the key benefits of OLL

  • A more robust and varied open-enrollment training schedule
  • Minimizes commuting challenges and costs
  • Connects virtual teams for collaborative group training (just like classroom based)
  • Eliminates class cancellations and rescheduling

The Learning Environment

Students apply what they’ve learned in lecture with the access to hands-on labs within the virtual environment - a demo platform that enables students to practice what they’ve learned without disrupting live software programmes. It’s in some respects the same safe principle pilots have when using a flight simulator instead of an actual aircraft.

With minimal technical requirements, OLL was designed to make the training experience as simple to implement as possible, allowing students to attend class from their home, office, or on the road.

Alternately, students may also attend classes in their local New Horizons training center’s, which are kitted out with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and software. In addition to an optimal technical environment with on-site support, when attending New Horizons London, students benefit from a focused learning environment free from the distractions that might be present at work or home.

It’s a truly industry leading learning platform, but don’t just take out word for it, contact us and try it out for yourself at New Horizons London (available at both our Barbican and Stratford training centre’s).

You can also check out our OLL video below:

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Back-up Solutions | Microsoft OneDrive vs Dropbox


Documents, pictures, videos, some random online receipt for a product you don’t remember owning…we are all guilty of a digital version of hoarding. So in a modern age, where safe online storage of our most sacred virtual possessions is paramount, just who can you trust to guard these treasures?

The answer is really only a choice between the two virtual heavyweights of online storage, Dropbox and OneDrive (formally known as SkyDrive), that combined have over half a billion subscribers worldwide. But that still leaves the question… which one?

OneDrive, Microsoft’s answer to a digital Fort Knox, is a cloud-based file saving and sharing portal that securely stores your documents, pictures, music, videos, and much more on servers that can then be accessed by the user from anywhere in the world through a wide variety of devices. It comes as standard with Windows 8 operating systems, and for those of you non 8 users, it’s available for free download with a substantial 7GB allowance. With a corporation the size of Microsoft’s, it is almost guaranteed that OneDrive will carry the highest level of encryption to ensure their customers personal details and documents are safe and secure. For more information on the security steps Microsoft is taking, click here.

Dropbox, referred to by many as the Godfather of online storage, is perhaps the largest and most popular of all, with an impressive 300 million plus subscribers. Dropbox comes with up to 5GB free storage, though despite offering less free than OneDrive, it’s premium plans are offered at market beating rates, perhaps explaining why it’s so widely used by small and medium sized companies. Dropbox has always made its subscribers personal security paramount and as such frequently maintains and upgrades it’s security features. For more information on Dropbox security, click here.

So which one do I choose?…

Considering they both offer the same level of security and functionality, such as worldwide access, sharing, and automatic photo back-up from a smartphone and tablet, why not choose both. Forget picking a side, instead download and subscribe to both and double your storage capability. Though I would recommend Windows 8 users sticking with OneDrive due to it’s core functionality with Windows 8's interface, and for those of you Mac users that don't use iCloud for any number of valid reasons, I'd certainly recommend Dropbox due it’s automatic syncing capability with Mac OS and iOS.

Either way though, you can sleep safe in the knowledge that your prized digital possessions are safely and securely tucked away on a personal server housed at an undisclosed, military-style location.

You can download OneDrive and Dropbox by clicking on these links:

OneDrive |

Dropbox |

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